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Why Candace Owens was fired by Ben Shapiro


Candace Owens has parted ways with The Daily Wire, a conservative news platform co-founded by Ben Shapiro, a development that was confirmed on a recent Friday.

Owens, who joined the media outlet in 2021, found herself at odds with Shapiro last year due to her comments on the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The discord between Owens and Shapiro surfaced in November last year when Owens criticized the idea of the genocide in Gaza, tweeting, “No government anywhere has a right to commit a genocide, ever. There is no justification for a genocide. I can’t believe this even needs to be said or is even considered the least bit controversial to state.”

Although she didn’t directly mention the Gaza conflict, her comments were widely interpreted as referencing it.

Owens also shared a biblical verse emphasising peace and morality over material gain, which seemed to indirectly respond to her dispute with Shapiro.

Shapiro was secretly filmed at a speaking event calling Candace Owen’s behaviour “absolutely disgraceful.”

Shapiro’s public rebuttal urged Owens to leave the company if she felt her earnings were conflicting with her spiritual beliefs, to which Owens responded by accusing Shapiro of being unprofessional and overly emotional.

The disagreement escalated when Owens addressed Shapiro’s criticisms on Tucker Carlson’s show, where she expressed confusion over Shapiro’s specific grievances, labelling them as baseless personal attacks.

She emphasised her intention to avoid similar attacks, highlighting a video where Shapiro criticised her understanding of certain issues as “disgraceful” and “ridiculous.”

Following her departure, Owens hinted at future announcements and plans to resume posting content on her YouTube channel, signifying her intention to continue her career independently.

Owens’s critique of Israel’s actions in Gaza and subsequent comments led to accusations of absurd accusations of antisemitism, particularly after she delved into more explicit rhetoric on social media.

Her defence of controversial figures and promotion of Jewish-power theories have also been widely criticised.

On her DailyWire show, she alluding to the existence of a “sinister” Jewish “gang” in Hollywood and

accusing a “fringe minority” of Jews of being “evil Marxists” intent on gaining “political power.”

This all started in late 2022, where Owens seemingly defended, what was widely believed to be Kanye West’s antisemitic tweet where he announced he was “going death-con 3 on Jewish people”.

Owens had defended West at the time, tweeting, “If you are an honest person, you did not find this tweet antisemitic”

The announcement of her departure marks the end of a tumultuous period at the conservative media outlet.

It remains to be seen where her new career as an independent political commentator will go. But one this is for sure, we will keep you up to date.