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Message to the Media from the “Instigator-in-Chief” Mohammed Hijab. 

The fact is taking an anti-fascist (anti-Zionist or anti-hindutva) stance will be met with allegations of hinduphobia and anti-semitism. Unfortunately for sincere Jews and Hindus who mean no harm or injury, these phrases have officially lost currency in the political discourses. I would like to let the media know that this will not deter or silence us especially if violence is involved. Nor can you intimidate us with your labelling. If any anti-Islamic fascists or far-right elements attempt the violent approach again, we will employ self-defence and peaceful protest. The last time we organised this in Leicester, it did more to prevent continued violence than anything both the media and police did in the weeks prior. Whether it is Leicester or any other city, we will peacefully fill the streets to such an extent that people will think it is an Islamic holy site.

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